What We Do

How To Solve an Entrenched PR Battle: Start Working Toward Consensus
ConsensusWorks Consultants Inc. is a communications consulting firm that provides strategic planning and delivery exclusively in the realm of sustainability issues.
It's our mission, our passion and our area of unparalled expertise. From research and strategic planning to execution and measurement, ConsensusWorks Consultants Inc. possesses the background, the skills and the knowedge to assist your company in managing its public 'green-profile' when you need it most.
Our Mantra: Transparency, Engagement, Science
We're governed on a day-to-day basis by our simple mantra: we will communicate your sustainability message in a completely transparent, collaborative and scientifically verifiable way.
We know the issues, we know the networks, we know the players, the playbook, the principles. Ask us for more information and some specific examples of our mantra - transparency, engagement, science - at work!
Linking Operations and Markets - the Future of Sustainability
We're pioneers in global markets campaigning, and have worked sustainability files on five continents. We commit to:
  • UNDERSTAND your business
  • ASSESS your needs
  • DEVELOP your communications strategy
  • DESIGN your communications tools, from the traditional to the state-of-the-art
  • EXECUTE your communications program
  • MEASURE our achieved results
We Know the Drill - In this Region, We Helped Evolve it...
Strategic planning, reputation management, government relations, media and community relations, crisis management, materials design and development, speech-writing... We've done it all, and clients say we've done it exceptionally well.
From communications planning to advocacy to coalition-building and activation of grassroots support, ConsensusWorks Consultants Inc. can deliver for your organization.